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Goals and Key Strategies

  • Board Development -

    • To recruit and retain members who are committed to the mission and vision of the organization and consistently lend their time, talent and treasures to its success.

      • Plan a Board Retreat

      • Conduct a Board effectiveness evaluation

  • Communications

    • To develop a communications plan that elevates the PC Youth Development Commission presence in the community.

      • Maintain a high level of commitment from all board members.

      • Complete the PCYDC website.

      • Continue to communicate with potential board members and stakeholders through community presentations, brochures and current website.

  • Membership

    • To oversee and approve the annual budget, and seek collaborations to increase programs & initiatives for the youth of the community.  

      • Maintain a prominent presence in the community.

      • Continue to collaborate with local social serve agencies to promote community awareness.

      • Improve, revise and expand programs to meet the continually changing needs of the community while ensuring all programs are relevant to the agency's mission.

  • Advocacy

    • To ensure issues relating to youth advocacy receive maximum attention by Indiana legislators and the stakeholder community.

      • Increase public awareness by continuing to participate in National Night Out.

      • Utilize forms of media as appropriate.

      • Make presentations to community organizations.

      • Participate in planned visits,  speaking with area legislators regarding youth issues and funding.

  • Fund Development

    • To develop a plan that provides operational dollars to sustain it goals.

      • Assess the long-term funding and evolving needs of the organization. 

      • Develop a fund development plan that provides resources to meet those needs.

      • Fully engage the PCYDC Board in strategic resource development.



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